Storage space

Whether you're travelling light or packed, you can easily pack yourself and your crew into the 240 litres of storage space in Visu Moie – simply your spacious home on wheels.

  • 4 removable bags with handles and hard bottom
  • 240 litres of storage space
  • 4 lids -> 4 accesses to the bags

Pack home and go anywhere

Simply pack everything at home into the fabric bags and then just insert bags to the storage space in your Visu Moie. Packing and unpacking can be easy.

Let there be light

Don't look for your phone or headlamp. When you open the storage compartments, the LED lights automatically turn on so you can always find what you need.

Easy access

It couldn't be simpler – thanks to the 4 lids, you can access the storage compartments comfortably while sitting or lying on your camping module. No matter if you need a blanket or another bottle of prosecco.