Be home.


There is no other space like this. A space that knows you, it knows your needs and desires. A space where you‘re safe, secure and relaxed. The only space where you can be simply you, no rules, no roles. It‘s called home.

Imagine you can take this space anywhere you want, you can have the comfort of home and the adventure of travel. Experience both familiarity and discovery. The known and the new. Take your space to all places.

Designers of home

We searched for the essence of home to project it into products that can take you around the world. We take a holistic approach to designing a space that adapts to you and your style.

Our products are designed with multi-purpose in mind, providing simple solutions for multiple problems. Simple solutions that are made with great ideas and thorough attention to detail. By standing behind the entire process, from the initial ideas to the final product, we can guarantee great product design along with precision workmanship.

How we make a home?

Not a camping box, but a comprehensive space solution

We don't just see the boot and the seats. We see space for life. Your base. Your home. That's why we don't develop a one-size-fits-all camping box, we try to make the most of every inch.

Sit down please

A seat and a table are not just bonus for us, but a necessity. At home, we like to gather around the table, whether for meals or entertainment, and we make it a priority even for travel.

Don't adapt you. Adapt your van.

We do not and will not dictate anything to you, ever. Customize the space to suit you - every pocket, compartment, drawer or bag is completely yours.


for planet and local community

We all know that everything we do has an impact on the environment in which we live. That's why we strive to minimize our ecological footprint.

We are proud to say that more than 97% of every camping module comes from the Jizera Mountains foothills. Here we work with local craftsmen who stand behind their work as much as we do and together we can invent new, better and more sustainable solutions.

We believe this is the right way. We don't see it as an obstacle, but as an opportunity. An opportunity to give back to nature everything it gives us. And we will never stray from this way.


We are constantly trying to reduce our environmental footprint. From our packaging, where we have drastically reduced the use of plastics, to the our product lineup. The Sitka Sustainable Concept is another step on our way to sustainability.

Thanks to concepts like this, we find ways to make your product as environmentally friendly as possible without compromising on quality.

  • waxed birch plywood without HPL
  • 100% linen mattress cover
  • 100% recycled foam mattress filling
  • 40 % less use of plastics on bags

Discover our modules

Visu Moie

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Huge kitchen with a built-in barbecue, comfy bed, seating with a table, lit storage space and much more.

Visu Sitka

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The essence of everything you need to feel home. Everywhere you go.

Visu Sitka mini

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The essence of everything you need to feel home. Even in small space.

Visu accessories

For the road, the mountains, the city, or just for home. Wherever you are.

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